IceFree Eave Panel - 12"

The IceFree Eave Panel 12″ is a patented extruded aluminum alloy system designed to be installed on the eave of your roof. When installed, the system is designed to eliminate ice and snow, keeping your home safer and reducing the risk of winter damage.

The system is 12″ wide and is guaranteed to eliminate ice and snow from the entire area of the panel. Each system can be installed on new or existing roofs and the heating system is self regulated, saving you time and money.

Each panel is finished with a decorative metal cladding that will best compliment the colors of your home. We have many panel colors to choose from.

Direct Heat Transfer

Built To Be The Most Energy Efficient

All of our products can incorporate different types of heat sources, such as, 11-14 mm self regulating heat cable, Mineral Insulated Cable and Hydronic / Radiant Tubing. Engineered Roof De-icing's technically advanced aluminum alloy extrusions are manufactured with specific sized heat cables.

Engineered Roof Deicing is proud to use 100% recycled aluminum.


Material Selection

Recycled Aluminum Alloy 6063, Temper – T5


Spray Powder Coating

Product Finish

High Grade Powder Coating or Architectural Decorative Cover

Panel Size

12″ x 5′ – Designed to eliminate icicles and ice dams on roof eaves up to 18″ wide

Heating Systems

Commercial Grade-Self Regulating Heat Cable (min. Min. 5 Watt per foot in 100-130 VAC or 208-240 VAC) or 3/8" PEX Hydronic Radiant Tubing


6" Aluminum Alloy Snap-Loc Top, 6" Aluminum Alloy Eave Base Panel, 6" Aluminum Alloy Transition and Aluminum Expansion Joint Cap (EJC). Choose either 2' electric heat cable or 2' of hydroponic PEX tubing per foot.

Optional Items

System controller, Self regulating heat trace for gutters and downspouts

Electrical Requirements

N.E.C. 426-28 requires 30mA Ground Fault circuit protection for snow and ice melting applications.

Attention: The IceFree Eave 8", 12" and 18" are not available in California.

Color Selection

IceFree Eave Panels are available with a decorative metal cladding, such as copper, zinc, CoreTen, Mill Finish and .032 gauge aluminum flat sheet colors. See our website for more color options. The decorative metal cladding provides a cost effective, attractive finish that will complement the look of your home. 

The silicone-modified polyester coatings on IceFree Zone Systems carry a 30-year warranty.